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  • Food For Thought Friday March 17, 2017

    St. Patrick’s Day Avocado Green Smoothie

    St. Patrick's Day Avocado Green Smoothie Get in the mood for St. Patrick's Day and National Nutrition Month with something green and healthy! This super-easy Avocado Green Smoothie will give you a boost of good fats and keep you full all day long....

    By: McKenzie Hall Jones - Registered Dietician Nutritionist

  • Food For Thought Wednesday March 15, 2017

    National Nutrition Month: Put Your Best Fork Forward

    This month's theme for National Nutrition Month is "Put Your Best Fork Forward." The best and most sustainable eating habits form early and are passed down from parent to child. Let's pledge to make our kids' futures a little healthier...

    By: Karen McDermott - Director of Digital and Social Media

  • Food For Thought Wednesday February 15, 2017

    The Strawberry Effect: Not So Natural Flavor

    “Dear Maple Hill. I recently tried your Strawberry Greek yogurt as I was excited to try a grass-fed brand. To my dismay, it appears that my cup did not have enough/any fruit in it, as I could barely see or...

    By: Sara Talcott - VP of Marketing and Communications

  • Food For Thought Monday January 23, 2017

    Added Sugar Vs. Naturally Occurring: A Difference

    Upcoming changes to the FDA Nutrition Facts Panel are creating a stir within the food industry. Here at Maple Hill Creamery, we’re looking forward to the changes, specifically the requirement that breaks down exactly how much sugar is added to...

    By: Karen McDermott - Director of Digital and Social Media

  • Food For Thought Monday January 23, 2017

    The Salmon Analogy: Unapologetically Full-Fat

    One of the most popular inquiries we get from consumers is: “Why doesn't Maple Hill Creamery make low-fat or non-fat dairy products?” When posed with this question, we like to answer with the "Salmon Analogy," coined by our CEO Tim Joseph....

    By: Karen McDermott - Director of Digital and Social Media

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