Part 3: Do You Know Your Farmer?

Food For Thought Wednesday May 24, 2017

Part 3: Do You Know Your Farmer?

The 3rd installment of our five part series “5 Things to Look For in the Dairy Aisle” Do you know your farmer? Do you know where dairy farms are located and the size of the herds?

Dharma Lea Farm, Sharon Springs, NY – Maple Hill Creamery’s “lead” farm.

When you buy yogurt, milk or cheese does the brand’s packaging or website show the farms where dairy cows live? Consumers are savvy these days and can tell the difference between stock photos of cows and the real thing. Do the photos show dirty cows and farmers out on green pasture? Better yet, does the brand list their farms and their locations?

At Maple Hill Creamery, we list our New York State farms right on our website. We source from over 100 family farms – all of which you can find here (with the exception of our Amish Farmers out of respect for their beliefs). Know your farmer, and you will know what you’re eating!


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