Part 4: Is Your Dairy Regenerative?

Food For Thought Thursday May 25, 2017

Part 4: Is Your Dairy Regenerative?

By: Karen McDermott - Director of Digital and Social Media

The 4th installment of our five part series “5 Things to Look For in the Dairy Aisle” asks:

Does this brand source from farms using grazing practices that are better for the environment? Is it regenerative?

Regenerative: tending to regenerate as in to renew or restore a biological system. Grazing is integral to dairy that is better for the environment.

Does your dairy brand address the environmental impact that dairy farming can have on the air and land? A 2015 NY Times article writes,

“A host of environmental concerns stem from the concentration of cows in huge farms known as concentrated animal feeding operations, “basically cows in a building with feed that is imported from somewhere else,” said Anne Mottet, the livestock policy officer at the F.A.O. in Rome. “It’s disconnected from the land.””

Holistic grazing is the practice of rotating cows on the pasture in order to reap the benefits that grazing imparts on the land. Our farms’ practice of grazing-and-growing on the farm bypasses the considerable resources used to produce corn or grain to feed dairy cows. Incorporating manure back into the soil offsets carbon emissions from cows on the farm. This is how 100% grass-fed dairy is a closed-loop.